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October 2019

Lima Release 5.0.2 is out!

The Lima hardfork was performed successfully at block height 161150.

It introduces FATE VM, as well as æternity Blockchain Naming System (AENS) and State Channel improvements. Access your frozen non-transferable AE ERC20 Tokens now, which got migrated to æternity LIMA Mainnet.

Join an AENS auction now and register yourname.chain.

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Aeternity Crypto Foundation (ACF)

Starfleet Incubator and æternity Ventures

æternity Americas

  • "Uruguay can partners with æternity to develop marijuana blockchain" article on contxto

  • "Æternity Blockchain Will Be Used to Track Cannabis in Uruguay" article on COINTELEGRAPH

  • “Liquid democracy use case: The Uruguay Digital Party "Partido Digital" uses æternity to optimize the country’s democratic processes” article on COINTELEGRAPH

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